Print Your Own Wine Club Gift Card!

PLEASE NOTE! Gift Announcements are not automatically generated for any orders that have been placed via our web site. Below, you have the ability to create a custom announcement that can either be printed or emailed directly to your gift recipient! You may use the gift card function at any time. It is not restricted to only when you are placing an order.

Step 1: Select an image for your Gift Announcement by clicking on the circle below that image. You may select only one. (To view a picture in actual size, click on the image)


Step 2: Now select a border color for your Gift Announcement by clicking on the circle beside the color you wish to use. You may only select one. (To view a sample page with the border you selected, click on "View".)



Step 3: Fill in the information required below to send your gift card!

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Check here if you would like us to copy your email address on the gift card sent.


Step 4: Click the button below to preview your Gift Announcement. If you preview it and want to make changes, use your browser's "Back" button to make the changes. When you're satisfied, click "Send"!

Note: In order to print your Gift Announcement without the page title and web address appearing on the page, click here for easy instructions.


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